MLB trade rumours free agency deal Mike Minor Marcus Stroman Trevor Bauer Madison Bumgarer Matthew Boyd

MLB trade deadline is just three days away and none of the major baseball stars have made a deal. Gone are the days when MLB teams were able to waiver deals in August and have to finalize everything before Wednesday, July 31.

As the bell sticks for 4 pm EST on the upcoming Wednesday, the playoff hunt will begin and new teams will be formed. Here are the possible free agency deals for Mike Minor, Marcus Stroman, Trevor Bauer, Madison Bumgarer and Matthew Boyd.

Mike Minor

MLB trade rumours free agency deal Mike Minor

Mike Minors made his first entry in the MLB All-star team and is generating a lot of buzzes. There are a lot of rumors about his trade deal but the player himself has not spoken anything on it. Minors had an amazing last season with a career-best of 8-6 and a 3.00 ERA. Since the Rangers have no chance to be in the wild card spot, a trade deal for Mike is on the cards.

Marcus Stroman

MLB trade rumours free agency deal Marcus Stroman

Marcus Stroman, another new addition to the All-Star club is also in talks for a new trade deal. Toronto Blue Jays are currently holding him for a bare minimum of $7.4 million and have no interest to raise it. Stroman had the third-best rating in AL with an ERA of 2.96. Since the Blue Jays also don’t have any playoff stats, Stroman is open for bidding in the free agency.

Trevor Bauer

MLB trade rumours free agency deal Trevor Bauer

Trevor Bauer and Cleveland Indians also have a similar scenario where the player and team are doing good, but a deal has to be made. Bauer had an average of 5-1, 2.86 ERA and a total of 12.2 strikeouts. There are a lot of MLB teams ready to sign Bauer and the Indians will go for someone who can give them a few future prospects in cheap.

Madison Bumgarer

MLB trade rumours free agency deal Madison Bumgarner

Madison Bumgarner is one of the best MLB pitchers who have been doing great for the San Francisco Giants. The team won 17 of their last 21 games and are very close to making it to the playoffs. In such a situation, it would be stupid to deal Bumgarner, but the Giants have no option. Bumgarner had an ERA of 2.00 with 41 strikeouts, which is way below his career peak. The Giants understand that Madison is getting old and slow, hence right now is the best time to get a proper deal.

Matthew Boyd

MLB trade rumours free agency deal Matthew Boyd

Matthew Boyd with a strikeout rate of 12.00 is currently the fourth-best MLB pitcher. He had an amazing ERA of 4.07 and is currently under the control of Tigers till the year 2022. There is no reason to trade Boyd, but Tigers already have a lot of good pitchers and they can use the cash for getting some hitters. The Yankees are in need for pitchers and Boyd is also on their list, and are trying their best to make a deal.