MLB Trade deadline

MLB trade deadline is now less than 72 hours away and most of the big names will reveal their decision soon. As the Monday morning starts, multiple high profile trade deals can come out to the media. The analysts have already predicted most of MLB team and player interactions and figured out a few deals. Here are the possible MLB free agency deals for the top players and teams.

Marcus Stroman to the Mets

Marcus Stroman

Marcus Stroman after so many trade reports were finally bought by the New York Mets. In an exchange deal with Toronto Blue Jays, pitching prospects Anthony Kay and Simeon Woods-Richardson were given by the Mets to get Stroman. To make space for Stroman, the Mets will let go of Zack Wheeler and won’t sign a contract extension. Noah Syndergaard, on the other hand, can be bought in which makes the Mets as the best starting pitchers lineup.

Boston Red Sox to sign Edwin Diaz

Ediwn Diaz

Boston Red Sox are also planning to make a smart move before the deadline hits. Edwin Diaz, the reliever from New York Mets is on the target of Red Sox. It would be a wise move as Diaz won’t cost that much for Boston and can add a lot of depth in their team.

‘Thor’ Trouble for New York Mets

Noah Syndergaard

Noah Syndergaard aka Thor from Mets has become a hot topic for trade deals. The Mets are planning something big, they have Syndergaard, Edwin Diaz, and Zack Wheeler. At the same time, they are making a deal with Marcus Stroman, which makes it a team full of pitchers. In order to win MLB 2020 title, the Mets have to juggle between all these names and find a perfect deal that fits the future plans.

Sergio Romo to the Twins

Sergio Romo

Sergio Romo from Miami Marlins is also supposed to be traded off soon. The team of Minnesota Twins is pretty much interested in the reliever from Marlins. If everything goes as per the plan, Romo deal will be made official soon.

The Braves want Zack Wheeler

Zack Wheeler

Atlanta Braves is going through a lot of trouble as their top pitchers are suffering from injuries. Kevin Gausman is injured for the second time and Max Fried has just recovered from a blister issue. The Braves can’t rotate their lineup in such a situation and needs new stars in their team. It is the reason why the Braves are in talks with the Mets for a Zack Wheeler trade deal.

Pirates and Dodgers Exchange

Felipe Vazquez

Pittsburgh Pirates and Los Angeles Dodgers are planning a trade deal that will benefit them both. Felipe Vazquez, the reliever from Pirates can be sent to the Dodgers team. In exchange, Keiburt Ruiz will be the name that the Pirates gets in return. The deal makes a lot of sense as the Pirates needs a catcher and Ruiz will be a perfect fit for the upcoming years.

Kerby Yates and Tanner Roark

Tanner Roark

Kirby Yates won’t be dealt that easily as San Diego Padres are asking for a very high price. In case some MLB team is ready for a trade, Yates could be moved out for a huge chunk of cash. While for the free agent Tanner Roark, the Cincinnati Reds will be happy to whatever offer they get. Roark won’t ask for much salary and can be a great addition to any of the MLB teams.