MLB trade deal Yankees Pitchers Free Agency

MLB trade deadline 2019 kind of ended dry for the New York Yankees as they could not land even in a single big name. It is true that the Yankees are at the top of AL scoreboard and have a shot at the next world series, but they need new pitchers for that. Most of the starters in Yankees are either injured or not performing as per the mark.

The ones they tried to acquire in the free agency went to other teams. Stroman went to the Mets, Bauer went to the Red Sox and Grienke chose Indians as his team. It raises the question that shouldn’t the Yankees be worried about their future? Here are the reasons why the Yankees don’t bother the trade deadline deals and how it makes a lot of sense.

Trade Deal Winners are not Title Winners

Trade Deal Winners

Brian Cashman, the manager for the Yankees is fully confident in himself and too stubborn to give a high price for making any trade deals. As the MLB trade deadline ended on Wednesday, Cashman was like, ‘Let’s find out if they win any games with all those players.’

It is kind of true if we look at the previous examples in the history of MLB deals and game series. In the last MLB season, the Dodgers won the trade deadline by signing Manny Machado in the free agency. But the Red Sox were the actual winner of the World Series with Nathan Eovaldi and Steve Pearce.

Future of Yankees without Star-Pitchers?

Future of Yankees

Even though Cashman is right about the deals and titles, it doesn’t mean that the Yankees can go and win the world series finals without any proper pitchers. The fact is there are no August waiver trade deals this time and there will be no more deals.

The Yankees can’t magically heal their starting pitchers, and it would turn to be a problem soon. With the Mets having Stroman, Syndergaard, and Wheeler, they have a shot at the wild card spot. The Indians are also at the top in the western league. Overall the trouble for the Yankees will start soon and their future looks bleak without any pitchers.