Microsoft Surface Pro 7 Kickstand Patent

Microsoft Surface Pro 7 is expected to be the company’s 2019 flagship two-in-one device. The surface lineup has proven to be a highly successful hardware venture for the company. As of now, there is no official word about what features are going to be a part of the gen-next Surface Pro.

Microsoft Surface Pro 7 New Features
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However, patent documents hint at some features we might expect from Microsoft Surface Pro 7. Let us take a closer look:

Surface Pro 7: Microsoft To Make Use of Kickstand Patent

A patent that Microsoft holds talks about a new kickstand for the Surface Pro devices. This new kickstand will allow the users to change the angle of their tablets and watch videos comfortably. The company has always had a kickstand, but with this patent, it will be one which saves more energy.

Another benefit of this kickstand is that it will give the two-in-one’s hinge an added support. This will ensure that the device remains studier for a longer time!

Microsoft Surface Pro 7 Release Date
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This is a refreshing change to the Microsoft Surface Pro devices. It will be interesting to see if Microsoft makes use of this patent.

Surface Pro 7: Powered by Whiskey Lake Processor?

Intel’s new Whiskey Lake processor is expected to come out sometime in Q4 2019. This is also the time when Microsoft usually tends to unveil its Surface series of devices.  The Surface Pro 7 is also expected to come out around October 2019.

Microsoft Surface Pro 7 Design
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This gives rise to the speculation that Microsoft might feature Intel’s latest processor on their device. As of now, the company is yet to make any official announcements. You can take a detailed look at everything that we expect from the Surface Pro 7 here.

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