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Microsoft Surface Pro 7 release date, specs & what to expect

Microsoft Surface Pro 7 Design Change

Microsoft Surface Pro 7 is all set to be Microsoft’s latest release when it comes to their 2-in-1 division. The Surface series of devices have been one of the most successful hardware ventures from Microsoft. The company continues to innovate and improve upon the Surface lineup year after year.

Let us take a closer look at what Microsoft’s Surface Pro 7 is likely to offer: specifications, features and more. We also take a look at the release date of this much-awaited device.

Microsoft Surface Pro 7 Specifications
Image: BusinessTimes

Microsoft Surface Pro 7: Design Changes

Microsoft’s gen-next Surface Pro device is expected to feature a number of improvements over the previous versions. Among some of the major changes that are likely to come out this year, we expect a major change in the design. A patent spotted earlier points out that the Surface Pro 7 might just come out with slimmer bezels.

Interestingly, while the size of the device might get smaller, the type cover is likely to get a little larger. Another Microsoft patent reveals that the Surface Pro 7 might just come with a reflective touch display. This will allow the users to write on both the sides of the Surface Pro.

Microsoft Surface Pro 7 Features
Image: Cnet

Microsoft Surface Pro 7 Hardware Improvements

Another major, major feature that the users are demanding is the inclusion of a USB Type-C port. While Microsoft’s Surface Go features that, these ports are missing from the Surface Pro lineup. However, given how common the Type-C ports have now become, it is highly anticipated to be a part of the Surface Pro 7.

The Surface Pen, too, is expected to get quite a redesign! Microsoft has filed a number of pen-related patents in the past, one of which might be put to use this time around. These patents include pens that are recharged by solar power or a pen clip which can be used as a mouse wheel.

Microsoft Surface Pro 7 Processor
Image: AWOK

Last but not least, Microsoft’s Surface Pro 7 is also expected to feature the latest Intel CPUs: the Whiskey Lake processor.

Microsoft Surface Pro 7: Release Date

Microsoft has not declared an official release date for the gen-next Surface pro. However, going by the company’s past records, it is safe to assume that Microsoft Surface Pro 7 will come out sometime in the third quarter of the year, possibly around October 2019.

Microsoft Surface Pro 7 Release Date
Image: Harvey Norman

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