Only three months had passed after the launch of Surface Pro 6 leaks of Surface Pro 7 had started to come up.

Surface Pro is one of the best selling two in one lineup. So if you are confused between Surface Pro 6 and upcoming Surface Pro 7 then keep on reading.

Microsoft generally releases their new device in the Fall but we have seen in the past, next surface device might be launched in 2020.

Surface Pro 7 Design

Even though there is no official spec sheet release but leaks suggest that there are no sharp design changes, however, the footprint of Surface Pro 7 is going to be much smaller.

Kickstand and type cover is going to be much thinner and lighter which will reduce the overall weight of the device by 50 g. Microsoft might change the design of kickstand by using slight refinement to the hinge, shaft and belt mechanism to allow for softer movement while opening and closing of the device.

Surface Pro 7

Patent leaks also suggest that Surface Pro could feature the new reflective touch display and Microsoft might bundle the new stylus with the package.


There is no word out from Microsoft about the hardware however Microsoft Surface Pro 6 sported an 8th generation Intel core processor. It might feature the Intel’s upcoming Ice Lake processor which is also going to be launched this year.

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There are no significant changes in the memory department as 8 and 16 gigs of memory will be present on Surface 7.

Most of the devices nowadays feature the USB Type C but Microsoft 2 in 1 series has been hesitant in adding the USB Type C except Surface Go.

We hope that this year we might see the USB Type C supports since the patent leaks suggest that Microsoft might be working on special magnetic Type C cable.

There is no news about the battery whose capacity is expected to remain the same.

Should you buy Surface Pro 6 or wait for Surface Pro 7

According to the sources, Microsoft Surface Pro 7 will be $100 more expansive than Surface Pro 6 without additional perk of Surface pen and keyboard. You should go for Surface Pro 7 if you want the latest and greatest hardware from Microsoft.