Microsoft Surface Duo 3 has to be one of the most speculated phones. If recent rumors are to be believed, the yet-to-release Microsoft phone will compete directly with Galaxy Z Fold.

Microsoft seems to have shelved its dreams to develop dual-screen gadgets in a historic move and is now targeting to dominate the foldable phone segment. According to some publications, rumors about introducing a dual-screen phone from Microsoft had been circulating for years before the Surface Duo was unveiled. Despite boasting promising software features, it fell far short of its rivals’ shortage of beneficial design aspects.

Microsoft’s history and plans regarding foldable phones

Microsoft Surface Duo 2
Microsoft Surface Duo 2

Its sequel, the Surface Duo 2, was also critiqued for lacking in essential areas when the Surface Duo 2 came up short of its opponents’ lack of formal design elements. Microsoft is abandoning the notion of two screens and instead going ahead with foldable phones, a popular & rapidly growing sector.

According to a Windows Central post, the next Surface Duo version, which is rumored to be a foldable phone instead of a dual-screen device, is reportedly being created and tested by Microsoft.

According to sources, Microsoft plans to use this move to combat foldable devices like the Galaxy Z Fold series & the Pixel Fold. Recreations of the Surface Duo 3’s appearance that we’ve previously seen offer us a sense of what Microsoft would store for its users.

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What could this decision mean for Microsoft?

Microsoft's decisions regarding foldable phones could bring good results
Microsoft’s decisions regarding foldable phones could get good results

A rising number of top IT companies, like Microsoft, Huawei, & Samsung, are using foldable displays. The technology has already been present on numerous devices. For instance, specific laptop models double the workspace thanks to a foldable display. Mobile phone manufacturers also introduce innovative designs with flexible displays.

Smartphones in the future will be foldable. They provide customers with a convenient, portable device with the benefits of a larger screen and complete specifications.

Only time will tell if Microsoft chooses wisely to join the foldable phone industry or if its efforts finally fail. But one thing is sure: Microsoft has recognized the power of folding phone technology & it will make every effort to stand out from the crowd and make a positive impression on the market.