Measles Outbreak 2019-are you immune to it?

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) releases Measles Outbreak 2019 report. The data stated in the report however is not a pleasant one.

According to the report there is increased number of measles cases in 2019. This number is even greater than the number of cases in entire 2018.

We are just three months into this year. And still the number crosses the sum total of last year.

Measles Outbreak 2019: The numbers

The report of CDC on Measles Outbreak 2019 is for January to March 2019. According to the report, there have been 387 cases of measles until now.

Measles Outbreak 2019
Source: CDC

This three digit number is huge. Especially, when considering a similar three digit number of last year. CDC’s report states that last year the number was just 372.

Therefore, the number clearly shows the seriousness of this disease.

Reasons for Measles Outbreak 2019

A professor of epidemiology gives reasons for this sharp increase in the number of measles cases.

Dr. Art Reingold discloses why the outbreak in 2019 is even more devastating than 2018.

According to Reingold, there is a decrease in the rate of vaccination. Because of which Measles Outbreak 2019 has more number of cases. Because of the low rate of vaccination, more people are vulnerable to measles.

Measles Outbreak 2019
Parents deny vaccinating their children
Source: Fortune

Reingold says that we have communities where parents deny vaccinating their children. Therefore such a country will witness an increase in measles. This is because of the transmission of the virus easily.

Which states are affected?

The virus of measles is injected in society by people who travel or return to the community. If they are traveling to places where measles is already an outbreak. Therefore, the community gets infected. This is particularly because of no vaccination.

CDC has reported on its website that in 2019, 15 states have cases of measles. Moreover, there are 4 more states where there is ongoing Measles Outbreak 2019.

The disease is spreading at such a fast rate. Therefore, the citizens are requested to take necessary precautions. Moreover, spread awareness regarding vaccination to others.