According to several news reports and health agencies, the measles outbreak 2019 is going out of hand. The number of measles cases has now reached 547 during the recent outbreak.

As of today, the leading measles ‘hot-spots’ include:

  • New York: As of 27 March, 381 case have been reported.
  • Michigan: The greater Detroit area has reported around 22 measles cases as of 27 March.
  • Washington: Clark County has reported 73 cases till now.
  • Texas: 14 measles cases are reported as of 27 March.
  • California: As of 27 March, 16 measles cases have been reported.
Measles Outbreak 2019
Credits: WUSF News

Other states which have reported measles cases include:

  • Arizona: Pima County reported the first case of measles in Arizona.
  • Colorado: Pitkin County reported increase in parents who are filing personal vaccination exemptions which could result in a measles outbreak.
  • Connecticut: There is no legislation for regulating vaccine exemptions in Connecticut.
  • Florida: The Florida Department of Health also reported a case as of 27 March.
  • Georgia: The Georgia Department of Public Health has reported three cases till now.
  • Hawaii: During 2019, two cases have been reported in Hawaii.
  • Illinois: The health officials of Cook County have reported that an infected person has spread the infection to other people in Deerfield, Chicago, Niles, Glencoe, Glenview and Northbrook.

Other places affected by measles include Indiana, Kentucky, Missouri, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Monroe County, Rockland County, Sullivan County, Westchester County, and Oregon. Previously, 314 measles cases have been reported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in fifteen states from January to March. The number is only adding up day by day.