MacBook Pro 2018

MacBook Pro 2018 may not be as perfect as Apple wants its customers to believe it is. Just like everything, the latest MacBook from Apple also comes with its own set of flaws.

Consumers not only buy the products but also the frustration that comes with Apple Products.

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Apple has been the most rigid company in adopting interface standard and technology.

It tries to stand out even if the offerings are a hassle for consumers. MacBook is a great offering. However, the latest iteration of the device should have some extra to make a user switch from an older device.

Apple could have improved some of these features in MacBook Pro 2018.

Five flaws Apple MacBook Pro 2018 needs to improve

Better support for Accessories (Dongles)

Apple junked all other connectivity standards(HDMI, headphone jack and Type-A) in favor of their Thunderbolt 3 ports of the MacBook Pro 2018.

Other computational hardware is still using Type -A which forces users to buy dongles and Apple doesn’t provide the dongles in the package. Also carrying the dongle is a hassle in itself.

Keyboard needs improvement

Apple MacBook Pro 2018 dropped old scissor switches in favor of more quieter butterfly keyboard. For writers out there, this might be a dealbreaker since the limited key travel and non-satisfying feel make it look cheap in comparison of older keyboards.

MacBook Pro 2018 Review

Better support for external GPU

Laptop computational power is always been limited due to their constricting chassis which results in thermal throttling. External GPUs are touted to be the solution to this problem.

MacBook Pro 2018

Apple’s policy on eGPU is dishearting at best, the culprit is thunderbolt standard’s bandwidth speed which leads to performance bottlenecks.

The tech giant only supports team Red (AMD) and there is no support of NVidia. Users of Bootcamp need an external monitor to get the output of the eGPU. If only the MacBook Pro 2018 could’ve improved on this.

MacBook Pro 2018 without touch bar

Touchbar is a fine addition to the MacBook 2018 for the creative folks.

MacBook Pro

However, its functionality is still limited in general use cases. Apple should have provided the users the option to buy one without touch bar.


The points mentioned could be nitpicking for some but pricing is something that is not justified on the newer device.

The hardware that MacBook Pro 2018 packs doesn’t justify the price tag of £2500. There are better options out there in the market at this price point.