MacBook Pro 2019

Apple MacBook has always focussed on size and power. They are engineered keeping in mind the iconic Apple design and style, a perfect blend of light and capable laptops.

The MacBook Pro 2019 is also expected to show a similar trend. In terms of both design and hardware this 2019 machine by Apple is expected to be the best the company has ever produced.

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Release Date

There is no clear cut date on when the new MacBook Pro 2019 will hit the sleeves. But if past data is to be considered the newest laptop from Apple will hit markets in the month of June or July of 2019.

Now let’s talk about what’s new as far as this year’s MacBook is concerned.

MacBook Pro 2019 Features

Design and Screen

The design language for the MacBook 2019 model will mostly resemble the previous MacBook models. Expect Apple to make the 2019 model thin and light. The form factor with the newer generation MacBook will principally follow the footprints of previous models.

The Retina display on the MacBook Pro 2019 is suspected to heighten. If the quality of the panel is concerned, definitely in the market there are better displays. Apple will try to improve upon this factor.

It also seems that the company might be thinking of launching a bigger MacBook Pro likely a 16inch version (16.5in, to be precise). As 4K seems to be the bearing the new 16inch variant might indeed feature a 4K panel.


MacBooks are known for their power. They possess quality and compelling internals which are highly efficient. It is expected that Apple will use the 9th generation processors that we saw on this year’s iMac. The Intel 9th generation chips, H-series processors are expected to power this laptop.

These chips are very powerful when compared to the chips that were used in the previous gen MacBook models. The 9th gen processors come with 8 cores, 16 threads, and 5GHz of clock speed. There are other models too with various differences in clock speeds, core count and more.

MacBook Pro 2019

According to Intel when compared to 8th gen processor these new ones give a significant performance improvement.

The company says these new 9th-gen chips will give up to 18 percent higher FPS while playing games and 28 percent faster editing of 4K videos.


The 13-inch MacBook Pro is foreseen to keep its integrated graphics while the 15-inch model will ship with a discrete graphics card. The GPU in the newer Mac is most certainly be from AMD. We might see the use of Radeon Pro Vega graphics or something form the Rx series.

Other Stuff

RAM is expected to get a huge bump up, Apple is assumed to offer up to 32GB of RAM in the top-end variant of MacBook Pro 2019. The huge chunk of RAM will help in carrying out the video editings tasks smoothly.

The iconic butterfly keyboard and the pressure-sensing force touch trackpad will be getting some enhancements in their workings. Increase in the capabilities of Multi-Touch gestures and improved functionality of the Touch Bar are some key upgrades to MacBook Pro 2019. Obviously, as this is an Apple device macOS is the operating system and not your usual windows.

As mentioned earlier there is no official statement by the company on when are they releasing the newest MacBook. Pricing for the product is unknown too. As this is from Apple expect to pay a premium.