MacBook Pro 2019 : Update on how Apple Users wish it to be

Apple followers are waiting eagerly for MacBook Pro 2019. They have a lot of expectations from it and they are keeping their fingers crossed. The followers are voicing their ideas and wishes on how the new MacBook Pro 2019 ought to be.

In 2017, Phil Schiller from Apple released a statement saying that the new Apple MacBook Pro 2019 will be nothing like the one customers have seen before. They are rethinking the MacBook Pro. A team is created by the tech giant for working on the product and improving it to make it the highest end and throughout the desktop system of the company.


After hearing this, the followers expect that there will be major changes in the MacBook Pro 2019 which will launch this year. The one thing that the users want the most is addition of port. It is really inconvenient for the users to use the device with a single port.

The users want that USB C ports must be added and it should be made more generic or the MagSafe must return. The MacBook Pro 2019 is labeled as a beastly computer as Apple managed to pack the stunning processing power inside a small light package. It is expected that the new Apple MacBook Pro 2019 will consist of next-generation CPUs as well.

Users faced some issues with the Core i9 debacle in the 2018 MacBook Pro. Face recognition was made available in iPad Pro and iPhones. The users now expect that this feature must also be added to the Apple MacBook Pro 2019. This is the most advanced technology when it comes to keeping your fans secure.

Well, the users have already set their expectations really high. The new MacBook Pro will hopefully meet their expectations.