Lucifer Season 4 new footage reveals fascinating information about the Devil

Lucifer season 4 is finally coming back after a year-long hiatus and speculations are on the rise about what can we expect from the next season. Fans could be in for a real treat as a behind the scenes video released recently states that there is more to be seen in the 4th season than just the devil’s face.

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The last season ended with Lucifer showing Chloe what his real face looks like. As the time for the premiere of 4th season encroaches, fans are wondering if more will be revealed about the Devil’s true appearance in this installment.

Gnomon releases Lucifer season 4 spoilers

lucifer devil faceGnomon, a Twitch channel created a two hours stream detailing the knowhow of structuring the Devil’s face using special effects. The stream also revealed details about how Lucifer’s wings are crafted and made to look as real as they do. The video went into great depths about what can we expect from the fourth season.

A Reddit user talked about the stream, saying, “Lots of technical but fascinating talk about wings and Lucifer’s devil face.”

Devil’s full body unleashed

He then went on to add that the devil’s body will also feature in the next season. It appears that the fourth season will add a whole new flavour to the show, with not just the devil’s face, but his body revealed too.

The user also commented that there will be several dialogues from Lucifer in his real form and not just a glimpse. Exciting, isn’t it?

Fans are now speculating who could be responsible for unleashing Lucifer in his real form. Could it be the return of Eve?

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