Lost in Space season 2 release date

The American science fiction television series Lost in Space is based on the 1965 series of the same name and it follows the adventures of a family of astronauts. The spaceship of this family gets lost in space and we follow them on their course.

Lost in Space Season 2: The Plot So Far

Lost in Space season 2 plot

Both the seasons are based on the imagination of an 1812 novel called The Swiss Family Robinson. In the first season, we witnessed the Robinsons manage to imprison June Harris who was lying about her identity and pretending to be Dr. Smith. She is a psychopath and criminal and she wanted to about their mission, but she ended up traveling with them.

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For season 2, the Robinsons are now headed to an unknown galaxy. The robot that protects and guards Will Robinson, the youngest member of the family, identified the shape of the galaxy and warned Will with the following words: ‘Danger Will Robinson.’ It is expected that the Robinsons will explore the origin of the robot in season 2 while trying to get back with the rest of the humans.

Lost in Space Season 2 Renewal Confirmed, Post-production going on

Lost in Space season 2 release date

Netflix has already confirmed the renewal of Lost in Space for season 2.

As a matter of fact, post-production processing of season 2 is in progress as confirmed by a tweet by Mina Sandwell. While there is no official release date, fans can expect to see the show back in the last quarter of the year, as the production is still going on.

For now, you can stream all the episodes of the first season on Netflix.