Lost in Space season 2 release date renewal

The release date of Lost in Space 2 seems to have become a mystery of Seven Suspects of sorts. There is no news about it whatsoever from Netflix, due to which fans have turned into blood-sucking zombies desperately in love with the show.

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After a huge success of Lost in Space season 1, fans have been waiting for season 2 with bated breaths and whiling away time predicting the plot. Some fans had even suggested introducing werewolves in the plot to spice the series up few notches. The suggestion, needless to say, would not have gone down well with the makers. However, Netflix has got some other plans for Lost in Space season 2 and we believe it is for the good.

Lost in Space Season 2: Update 1

Okay! Since there is nothing coming out from the production regarding Lost in Space season 2, stars of the show themselves have started talking about it. According to a tweet by Mina Sundwall, she is going to reprise her role as Penny Robinson who is a young well-trained mechanic.

Lost in Space Season 2: Update 2

Lost in Space season 2 release date renewal

Post-production of Lost in Space season 2 is not complete yet. And we can say that because we have gone through another tweet by Mina Sundwall in which she has clearly confirmed doing some post-production stuff for the show. She had even posted a video of her in a recording studio with some scenes playing on a screen behind.

However, fans like us could not make out much with this as nothing was intelligible. Not even a word could be heard.

So it clearly is a sign that the post-production is still in progress due to which the makers have not talked much about its premiere. Do not hold any hope for the trailer. It is not likely to come out soon.

Lost in Space season 2 is likely to release in the last quarter of 2019.