Lost in Space season 2

Lost in Space season 2 has a new update about its release date and we cannot curb our excitement. The science fiction television series Lost in Space dropped on Netflix last year, and it was received spectacularly by the fans. The show is a retelling of the 1965 show of the same name, about the difficulties of a family from Earth, whose ship is lost in space.

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Lost in Space season 2: No news about the release date

Lost in Space season 2 release dateRecent reports have stated that although Netflix has renewed Lost in Space season 2, there is no news yet about when exactly the show will be released.

Lost in Space focuses on the adventures of a family whose spaceship is lost and lands on an alien planet, where they have to undergo several hardships to survive, including contact with aliens.

Where are they now?

Lost in Space season 2The last season ended with the Robinson family facing further problems when the engine of their ship Jupiter 2 malfunctions and as a result, they enter a wormhole. They will now find themselves in a new galaxy, trying to connect with the original ship The Resolute which will take them back to Earth.

Showrunners have confirmed that Lost in Space season 2 will have the same cast as the previous season, so fans can rest easy about that.

Netflix has not revealed a confirmed release date, but we can expect the show to air in the first half of this year. For now, you can watch the first season of Lost in Space on Netflix.