Lost in Space season 2 release date

Lost in Space Season 1 saw the Robinson family heading to a new destination and fans are excited to find out what that will be. What planet will the Robinsons explore now?

Will the robot origins will be explored in Lost in Space season 2

Some spoiler theories suggest that in Lost in Space Season 2, the Robinsons will be seen traveling to the planet of Will’s robot. Well, the Robinsons have had an adventurous journey so far and they are headed for some more trouble now. The fans are waiting to find out when happens next.

Lost in Space Season 2
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The Robinsons are in for a greater danger than they have faced before. This time they are on their own without any help. All through in the first season, we saw the Robot warning Will about some danger. This surely provides us with some hints on what will happen next. The intrusion by the alien engine took the Robinsons’ ship to an unknown destination instead of the Resolute.

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Will has a clue about this unknown place from the robot’s drawing made on the sand. It is similar to the place they were headed towards. He may not be completely sure about that place, but at least he has some clues. Initially, Will didn’t pay much attention to those drawings. But now he can make sense of it and the “danger” is was warned about. The robot definitely proved to be a good friend throughout the show.

Lost in Space Season 2 spoilers release date
Credits: Decider

There are Lost in Space Season 2 spoiler theories that the Robinsons are headed to the Robot’s home planet. But still, it could turn out to be anything. We also met another robot in the finale episode which showed that not all robots are good.

The filming of the show completed earlier this year. The upcoming series is expected to be out in late 2019 or early next year.