Liverpool to extend Joel Matip and James Milner contracts

James Milner and Joel Matip would add to their years at Liverpool, reported the Telegraph. The two have been a vital cog to Liverpool’s revival under Klopp and their run into the Champions League Final.

“Mr Consistent” James Milner

James Milner at 33 has been a manager’s delight this season. He has played as many as 43 matches this season doing all sorts of good work throughout. A deadeye, shooting 5 penalties, defended brilliantly against likes of Messi and Suarez and playmaking at will. He’s been an integral of Liverpool’s build up.

James Milner and Joel Matip are going to be handed new Liverpool deals via Chris Bascombe from LiverpoolFC

Matip fills for Joe Gomez in Liverpool

Those were certainly big boots to fill, but Matip grabbed his opportunities and how. After being benched for the first few matches, Matip came into his own when given chances. He was brilliant at midfield making runs and breaking opposition runs.

The best of the Cameroon international Matip was shown against Bayern and Barca as he was a livewire in the midfield.

Liverpool Press Conference

John Henry hinted of investments in the Liverpool team. The new talent must be invested in but these two are the stones around whom the group will revolve. This is just a little reward for a remarkable season played by Joel and James.

James Milner and Joel Matip are going to be handed new Liverpool deals via Chris Bascombe from soccer

Klopp has been a fan of Milner but could only be awarded a short term contract at 33. His influence would be strong according to Klopp. On the other hand, Matip has been one half of the rock-solid defence along with Virgin van Dijk of Liverpool.

Milner is widely expected to stay longer with his deal’s reviewed every season like Manchester did their stars in the 30s. At 33, he’s close to the fittest in the squad.

Matip was termed the dark horse this season was praised highly for his play against Bayern.

“You could look at it and say he’s been booked, chucked an own goal in and given away a few silly fouls but realistically, the own goal was almost unavoidable and Bayern spent 180 minutes chucking the ball at the zone around Matip and didn’t get anything from it,” a fan said of him.