Liverpool and Chelsea Football

Liverpool and Chelsea are among two of the hottest names when it comes to football. The two teams are among the most popular and loved names in the sport – but their popularity goes beyond the football fields as they are also hot favourites when it comes to passwords! Interestingly, a number of football fans use their favourite football team as a password and put their accounts at a major risk!

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Liverpool and Chelsea Passwords hack
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Let us take a closer look as to why these passwords can put you at a risk:

Liverpool and Chelsea Easy Passwords to Hack

Reports from the National Cyber Security Center (NCSC) point out that the names of football clubs are among some of the most common passwords in the world. Arsenal, Manchester United, Everton, Liverpool and Chelsea are football teams and also popular passwords. These reports further say that such passwords have been hacked hundreds of thousands of times.

Liverpool and Chelsea Password Security
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Examples of other weak passwords include numeric passwords such as 123456 which is the easiest to break through. Over 23.2 Million people using numeric passwords have had their accounts hacked in the past.

Examples of Other Weak Passwords

In addition to Liverpool and Chelsea, there are a number of other weak passwords such as the names of Pokemon or cartoon characters. The names of pop stars such as 50cent and Eminem are also among the most easily hacked passwords.

Liverpool and Chelsea Weak Passwords
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Those looking forward to set a strong password must use a mix of upper case and lower case, numbers and special characters to get maximum security!