Line of Duty season 6 cast

Line of Duty is one of the most popular shows of BBC One. With season 5 coming to an end, the audience warrants renewal of the series. Line of Duty fans wants to see more of AC-12 and their action in the upcoming season 6.

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Line of Duty is a British police drama based in the United Kingdom. The most-watched BBC One’s Line of Duty has a viewership of 7.8 million.

Line of Duty – The Plot details

Line of Duty season 6 jed mercurio

The storyline of Line of Duty is based on the tale of D.S. Steve Arnott. He is seen as an Authorized Firearms Officer getting transferred into Unit 12 of Anti Corruption. The transfer took place on the basis of refusal by D.S. Steve Arnott to cover up an encounter.

Season 6 will be focused on Ted Hasting’s Shenanigans.

There is an official team which discovers the nature of corruption and interconnection between the police force and crime group. The team comprises a group of four Caddies.

Is Line of Duty season 6 a series finale?

Line of Duty season 6 updates

The excitement of the fans of Line of Duty has reached a level up after the news of the renewal of season 6. Fans are waiting for the story to unfold further.

Line of Duty season 6 is reportedly the final season of the series. Nonetheless, no one has confirmed it officially.

Addressing a press conference, creator Jed Mercurio said,

“Don’t know, it all depends on how people respond and like, we love making the show.”

Line of Duty – Release Date

Line of Duty season 6 plot details

According to the show’s format, there usually is a year-long gap between two seasons. The traditional date assumed for the release of Line of Duty Season 6 is in spring, 2021.

However, the premiere date for Season 6 is not officially announced.

When asked for the release date of Line of Duty Season 6, Jed Mercurio tweeted and confirmed that he has not started penning the next instalment yet.