Line of Duty Season 5 is here with its finale episode. It promises to take the nation by storm for one last time. As the epic conclusion gets nearer, the fans are getting suspicious about the identity of H.

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According to an expert, Tony Gates may appear on screen as the leader of the Organized Crime Group (OCG). What if it really comes true?

Line of Duty Season 5: Major Twists are in order for the finale

Line of Duty Season 5: Major Twists are in order for the finale

Ahead of the conclusion, the fans can expect a major twist in the show’s story. Director of the center for Applied Criminology Professor Elizabeth Yardley from Birmingham City University said that there is a possibility that Detective Chief Inspector Tony Gates may turn out to be alive. He was previously seen on the show when he was awarded Officer of the Year after several successful cases.

Line of Duty Season 5: Is Tony Gates alive?

Is Tony Gates alive?

Superintendent Ted Hastings was suspicious as the numbers were too good to be true so got back to the investigation. The concluding episode of the debut series saw Tony committing suicide through a vehicle accident. As per Professor Elizabeth, it is a huge plot cliff hanger.

Instead of looking for H’s, perhaps we should explore some of the characters with surnames ending in this letters commonly paired with H – W, C, G, and S.

The fans know that Jed is famous for bringing back characters later after their initial debut. For instance, Ryan Pilkington came back as an assistant of the OCG in the fifth series.

But killing off a character and then bringing him back is not usual of Jed. It looks highly unlikely.