Line of Duty Season 5 Finale

Line of Duty Season 5 Finale is all set to come out tomorrow. However, just before the final episode of the show comes out, the entire fifth season has been leaked!

This has happened because the popular BBC series was out on DVD and sent over to supermarkets before the final episode could air. They were instructed not to sell these DVDs before the final season airs, but apparently, one supermarket accidentally put it on sale.

Line of Duty Season 5 Leak before Finale
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Let us take a closer look at this leak:

Line of Duty Season 5 Leak: More Details 

Line of Duty, which airs on BBC One has been around since June 2012 and is among one of the most popular shows on the channel. It is a cop drama and the final episode of the fifth season is all set to air on Sunday, the 5th of May. Fans of the show are waiting to find out who OCG’s corrupt leader ‘H’ is!

Line of Duty Season 5 Leak
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The news of the show being leaked has caused panic among many fans of the show who are planning to stay offline to avoid any sort of leak.

How did Line of Duty Season 5 Leak?

The popular cop drama show leaked because of Sainsbury’s supermarket where the DVD was put up for sale accidentally. A number of people have taken pictures and posted this on social media which confirms that this has indeed happened!

Line of Duty Season 5 Episode Leak
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Stay tuned with us for more updates on this and make sure you remain off the internet to avoid the spoilers.