Lisa Hochstein’s ex-husband said that her pay for each episode of “The Real Housewives of Miami” is somewhere in the five-figure range.

A source was able to get a hold of the court papers that Lenny Hochstein filed earlier this month. In them, the self-proclaimed “boob god” says that the reality star gets $30,000 for each episode of the Peacock series.

“It is undisputed that [Lisa] earns significant income as a television star and personality,” the documents read.

“…Upon information and belief, [Lenny] asserts that [Lisa] earns upwards of $30,000 per episode … a reality show which she has starred in since 2012 and continues to appear in through the date of filing of this instant motion.”

Sources asked a Peacock representative for comment, but they did not answer right away.

Lisa’s finances are part of the plastic surgeon’s request that a judge denies her request for temporary spousal support because she has an “exorbitant salary” and doesn’t need it. This is asked for in the context of asking the judge to throw out Lisa’s petition.

Lenny, who is 56 years old, says that their prenuptial agreement said Lisa, who is 40 years old, had to move out of the home they shared as a married couple within 30 days of one of them filing for divorce or when the divorce was finalized, whichever came first. Lisa doesn’t agree with this claim.

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According to the papers, Lenny says he has gone “far and beyond any requirement for spousal support” because Lisa has “refused” to leave the home they shared on Star Island. He also says that he has spent $455,00 on Lisa, their two children, and their home.

Lisa said in the papers about their divorce that Lenny was trying to “financially strangle” her. This is what made Lenny file his lawsuit.

A source reported in May that Lenny was getting a divorce from Lisa after meeting a new woman named Katharina Mazepa. However, Lenny said that he started dating Katharina after he and Lisa decided that their marriage was doomed to fail.

“This is a very difficult time, and I would ask for some privacy so that we can best take care of our children who mean the world to us,” he said.

“I tried my best to avoid it for the sake of our children, who we love deeply. We have been living separate lives for months and made the decision to divorce last month,” he continued. “It was after the decision was made that I started seeing Katharina. This is something that Lisa was well aware of before it happened. Our issues have nothing to do with the filming of the show.”

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Since the preview for the next season of “RHOM” shows Lisa losing her cool over Mazepa, it’s likely that viewers will be able to see the couple’s relationship get worse as the season goes on.