los angeles lakers trade multiple picks for anthony davis

Anthony Davis’ decision to waive off his $4 million trade ticker was a massive lift for the Los Angeles Lakers. This selfless move from Davis allowed the team to bring more stars into the fold. To make a player give up such a big sum of money is no mean an ordinary feat.

Naturally, many believe that the Lakers would have spent long hours trying to talk Anthony Davis into the move. However, Davis’ agent believes that this is not how things transpired.

Rich Paul discusses Anthony Davis’ waiver


Rich Paul, for those who are oblivious, is a sports agent. He’s also the founder of the agency Klutch Sports group, the same agency that Davis employs. Paul was present on SiriusXM’s NBA channel this week.

He was joined by Evan Cohen, Zach Hour, and Amin Elhassan. The conversation was intriguing on the whole, but the most interesting bit was the information on Davis’ decision to waive.

Lakers in debt to Anthony Davis for $4 Million Trade Ticker Waive

Paul explained that he had a discussion with his client Anthony Davis to decide what was more important- winning or earning more money. Davis knew at the time that the Lakers were trying to land Kawhi Leonard, so he decided to waive his contract.

Although, Paul is adamant that that decision was not in any way contingent on where Kawhi Leonard would head to.

Davis’ decision pays off for the Lakers

Rich Paul explained that Anthony Davis was only concerned with the best interests of the team. Davis knew that increasing the cap space was the priority for the Lakers, or else they would be left short on depth.


And he was right. The Lakers failed to land Kawhi Leonard, yes, but they managed to get two important players in Avery Bradley and DeMarcus Cousins. Of course, it will be a reunion in Los Angeles for Davis and Bradley- they both played together for the Pelicans in the 2017-18 season.

Lakers managed to get two important players in Avery Bradley and DeMarcus Cousins

Cousins, meanwhile, is still recovering from an injury. He is doing his utmost to get back in shape and join the Lakers as soon as possible.

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