NBA LeBron James Anthony Davis Kawhi Leonard Paul George

The Los Angles teams in NBA are turning out to be the top contenders for next season and a rivalry is born. Kawhi Leonard went with the Clippers and also got Paul George to join him. The Lakers already had LeBron James and Anthony Davis as their power duo of the team. Lakers vs Clippers is going to be the main rivalry in the NBA 2019-20 season.

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The winner of the battle between the two LA teams depends on the players and how they perform. Hence in a way, the real battle is between the James-Davis duo from Lakers and Leonard-George duo from the Lakers. Here are the stats of all the four players and a prediction to determine which duo is better.

Age, Injuries, and Performance

 NBA LeBron James Anthony Davis Kawhi Leonard Paul George Lakers Clippers Age and Injuries

LeBron James is currently 34 years old and is getting slower with time, but then again he has the most experience. Anthony Davis is still young at the age of 26 years old and has a lot to learn. On the other hand, Kawhi Leonard is 28 years old and Paul George is 29 years old. It means they both have a proper mix of experience and stamina in them.

If we talk about player injuries, the Clippers duo has been healthy and missed a total of 27 games in the last season. While the Lakers pair have collectively missed 53 games, where James missed 16 straight matches. All the four star-players have finished in the top 10 in points per game in the last season of NBA. George had the highest of  28.0 per night finish and Davis came last in the group at a score of 25.9.

Which Power Duo is Better?

NBA LeBron James Anthony Davis Kawhi Leonard Paul George Lakers Clippers

Since we only have individual performance, it is difficult to say which duo is better. The pairings are made for the first time in NBA and both Lakers and Clippers are yet to test it out. On paper, LeBron and Anthony look stronger as they have the proper mix of different gameplay techniques.

Leonard and George are kind of similar players and have the same style of playing. The rivalry of Lakers vs Clippers will be played out on the court soon in the upcoming NBA summer league 2019. We can then decide which power duo is better and has the ability to win the next NBA finals for their team.