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Kevin Durant is one of the best players in modern NBA season, and his stats are way impressive. If not for his injury in the Warriors vs Raptors finals, his team would have won. Durant would even have been the MVP of the finals if was fit and healthy.

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The Achilles tendon rupture and the surgery afterward may have changed his free agency demands. Still, Durant is one of the best players in the NBA, and every team would like to have. Here are the top 3 NBA teams that want Durant, and where do they stand in the race.

New York Knicks

New York Knicks Kevin Durant Free Agency

The New York Knicks is the team preferred by Kevin Durant as they will be willing to pay a large salary for him. Even the Knicks are ready to welcome Durant in their team, but his injury had made them re-think their decision. Since the ultimate decision of picking a team lies in the hands of a free agent, Kevin Durant would most likely go with the Knicks.

Brooklyn Nets

Brooklyn Nets Kevin Durant Free Agency

Brooklyn Nets had no prior plans to get an injured Kevin Durant, but Kyrie Irving is trying hard for negotiations. Irving played for Boston Celtics in the playoffs which was very poorly managed, hence he has decided to move to the Brooklyn Nets. Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant are good friends and make a fantastic duo, so if both the Nets and Durant agree for a deal, a trade can happen.

Golden State Warriors

Golden State Warriors Kevin Durant Free Agency

Golden State Warriors have no plans of losing their star player for the next season. Without Kevin Durant, the team dynamics will be shattered, and they would have a hard time on the field. The latest reports say that the Warriors could offer a max 5-years deal to Durant to stay with them. It would also benefit Kevin Durant, as it would mean a more stable career for him.