Prince William and Kate Middleto

Kate Middleton and Prince William are in a lot of news nowadays due to their divorce rumors. While the Royal family says all this is just baseless gossip, it seems a lot of it is the truth based on the recent events. As per the reports, Prince William was said to be having an extra-marital affair with Kate’s best friend, Rose Hanbury.

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Even though none of them agrees with it, the world knows about how Prince William is cheating with Kate Middleton. Apart from that, there are also some rumors which state that Kate Middleton is pregnant with a fourth child. Let us see everything about the royal divorce and the truth behind the pregnancy of Kate Middleton.

Will the Royal Divorce happen?

Kate Middleton divorce Prince William

Given how Kate Middleton is not talking anymore with her best friend Rose Hanbury, the cheating rumors contains some truth. Prince William was getting close to Rose, and Kate didn’t like it, that is why she has asked everyone to remove Rose from the Royal family circle. As for the royal divorce reports, even though they are true, an actual divorce is very less likely to happen.

Experts have stated that rules for Royal marriages are different than normal marriages, which also implies to divorce incidents. First of all, you can’t divorce your partner for simple reasons, as you are not compelled to live together. Also, it would mean bad for the reputation of the Royal family, so they would most likely stop them from having a divorce.

Kate Middleton divorce Prince William royal divorce

Further, the previous divorce incident of Princess Diana and her death later has put fear in everyone’s mind. A royal divorce will be harmful to Prince William and Kate Middleton, which would try to avoid at all costs.

Is Kate Middleton really Pregnant?

royal baby pregnant Kate Middelton

Amidst all this divorce news, there have also been some reports which state that Kate Middleton is pregnant again. The 37-year-old Duchess of Cambridge has already 3 children, Prince George, Prince Louis, and Princess Charlotte. As per the reports, Kate is pregnant with her fourth child, and the royal family might announce the news with the world soon.

While the family members of Kate Middleton, especially her sister Pippa Middleton has denied such rumors. It is very less likely that a royal couple of Prince William and Kate Middleton would plan for another baby. The Royal family is always making the news, so the occurrence of such rumors is common and should only be believed when stated in official reports.