John Wick Chapter 3-Parabellum: How the ending sets up new Sequels?

John Wick 3 is being loved by fans all over the world and they want more of the fantastic Keanu Reeves action movie. People already want sequels for John Wick, while Chapter 3 is still fresh in theatres. Normally, a movie trilogy ends with a conclusion, but John Wick Chapter 3 has kept the room open. We will now see how the ending for John Wick 3 has opened the room for new sequels and spin-offs.

Meaning of title Parabellum

At the end of Chapter 3, it was revealed that the title was more of a node to the upcoming wars. Parabellum in Latin means to prepare for war, which is what John Wick says at the end. John Wick after fighting all the assassins sent to kill him was betrayed by his friend Winston (Ian Mcshane).

Winston thinks he has killed John Wick, but he was revealed to be alive at the end of John Wick 3.

Keanu Reeves’ titular character John Wick is saved by the Bowery King (Laurence Fishburne) at the end. It implies the Bowery king is also betrayed by the continental and high table.

Both John Wick and BK wants revenge and will join hands to finish them. The war is not over, it will start now, Parabellum is happening, John Wick is coming back to kill everyone.

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John Wick Chapter 4

John Wick Chapter 3 – Parabellum showed us that the movie world is far greater than assassins and a hotel. There is a high table group, more powerful people at play.

We were also introduced to the character of Sofia played by Halle Berry and more of her pet dogs. Chapter 3 left a lot of open ends which will be featured in the upcoming sequel.

As per the director Chad Stahelski, they are always ready to make John Wick Chapter 4 and continue even after that. The upcoming John Wick 4 could be John and Bowery King teaming up, with more of the world building. Chapter 3 is making good money, and hence a sequel will be soon under process.