After the wild success of the first and second John Wick movies, the third installment of the Keanu Reeves starrer is back and fans are wondering if it’s worth the effort to stay till the very end of the movie for an after credit scene.

Marvel Cinematic Universe has introduced the concept of adding a small scene after the credits roll, and now almost every movie follows a similar pattern. The studio may not be the first to introduce this trend, but they popularised it enough so that everyone is now following this format to promote feature films.

$14 million bounty on his head

John Wick chapter 3 end credits sceneThe second installment ended with John Wick on the run as a bounty of $14 million was placed on his head. This happened because he killed someone in the Continental Hotel which is a neutral area for the film’s Assassin Club. John found himself battling through New York City in the second film in order to gain his freedom.

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No after credits scene

John Wick 3: Exclusive snippets from the movie
Credits: Maxim

John Wick 3 is supposed to follow him on the run worldwide. There have also been rumors that a possible fourth film may be on the horizon. However, reports have revealed that there is no after credit scene in Parabellum, the third film. So there is no point sticking around afterward.

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The film opened in theatres on May 17.