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With John Wick 3: Parabellum ready to hit the screens, audiences will get to see Halle Berry and Keanu Reeves teaming up for an action franchise for the first time. In a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, Berry revealed that the duo almost came together for another blockbuster action movie 25 years back.

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Berry talks about turning down the role in the past

That movie was the 1994 blockbuster Speed in which Berry was originally offered the role of Annie Porter which she refused. The role was then passed on to Sandra Bullock.

“I don’t know if you know this, but I was offered Speed before Sandra Bullock. I stupidly said no. “

Berry disclosed.

“But in my defense, when I read the script the bus didn’t leave the parking lot.”

John Wick 3: Exclusive snippets from the movie
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She further added that though she sighed over her decision after watching the movie, she does not have any stored up regrets regarding the turnout of the events.

Berry’s Requests to star as Sophia in John Wick 3

Speed also starred Keanu Reeves as police officer Jack Traven. Jack must disarm a bomb on a city bus. The bus was set to explode if it slowed down to 50 mph. Made with a modest budget of $30 million, Speed ended up earning over $350 million from its worldwide collections.

Halle Berry's repeated requests to John Wick 3's director to cast her as Sophie
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Berry stated that she begged director Chad Stahelski for the role of the hired assassin Sofia in John Wick 3. She undertook a rigorous training routine for six months to get in the right mode for the intense action sequences. She also worked with the dogs since they will play a major role in John Wick 3.

Releasing on 15th May, the movie takes the audience into the third chapter of the action-packed journey through the shadowy world of assassins.