It’s been eight years since James Corden reimagined late-night television on CBS’ “The Late Late Show.” Fans are devastated after he announced his departure from the show and the country. For the uninitiated, the 44-year-old will be signing off and returning to London with only four gigs remaining. James Corden recently discussed his departure from The Late Late Show with Turner Classic Movies host Ben Mankiewicz.

James Corden

What will James Corden miss the most about The Late Late Show?

During the conversation, Ben said, “It’s fun watching you sit around the table with Kim Kardashian and asking her to rank the style choices of her sisters. That’s fun!” Adding to that, James said, “I think that’s the currency of our show. I think joy is the currency. We’ve always wanted to create a show that is joyful, that’s uplifting, a place where you feel like you can go and have a great time.” When Ben asked him what he will miss the most, James replied, “This was a part of my life. But my wife and I, we always knew that this was an adventure, and not a final destination. More than anything, I’m just gonna miss my friends that I’ve made here at the show. I’m gonna miss the feeling of coming into this office every day and knowing that someone’s gonna make me laugh.”

James Corden

Why is James Corden leaving the show?

Talking about why he is leaving The Late Late Show, James said, “We really want our children to experience life in London. We’re blown away that they’ve even had the experience of living in another country. It’s how much you look at your professional life and your career and your personal life and your growth as a family. That’s what it is. There’s just so many other things that I’d like to try and see what I might be capable of.”