Human life is dependent on knowledge. With the amount of information that is constantly circling around us, we are able to grow into these intelligent creatures.

We do things for the first time, we learn about our past, and we listen to our mother’s stories to develop an understanding of life. Some people have a better relationship with the whole learning process. When we come across a person who is good with numbers, we get taken aback by their skill.


Sometimes people ask the oddest things, but there is no such thing as a stupid question.


No one should ever be afraid to ask things if they want to fuel their mind with knowledge. The online user has a collection of answers to amusing questions that people didn’t hesitate to ask.


The user shared a collection of weird questions that people ask educational personnel.


The person began their thread by revealing that whenever they run into educational personnel, they are the ones that work as professors, teachers, etc. They like to ask a specific questions. What is the strangest question someone has ever asked you? The author says that it warms their heart to know that people are eager to learn regardless of their starting point.



An art museum host received a question from a visitor about the grand opening of the collection. The gallery employee thought that it would be a great title for artwork because of the thought-provoking sentence that could cause an existential crisis if read too many times.



It is understandable that we are in a vulnerable position if we ask a question. People are afraid to expose themselves because they don’t know if they’ll be judged or scolded for being a fool. It makes it difficult to celebrate our existence.



Society has trained us to believe that it is necessary to be a responsible and all-knowing individuals. Our ability to ask things helped us get to where we are now. Imagine the number of questions our parents had to answer.


Nobody thought about how weird our questions might have sounded. Our family understood that we were growing and trying to comprehend what life was like, so why is it so shameful now? A lot of people don’t have their lives figured out, and it’s difficult to know everything there is to our existence. It is normal to exchange information no matter how odd you think you are.



Don’t limit yourself, knowing things is wonderful. Even though there will be a few individuals that will act as if you are asking something too unconventional, they could be encountered at any point in your life, whether you barrier yourself from them or not. People from this thread said that by asking something creative, you can lighten the day of multiple people without even knowing it.


Some users shared their own experiences, and others were amused by the inquiries.