Jalen Ramsey NFL Trade Jaguars Cornerback Cowboys Bears Bills Seahawks

Jalen Ramsey is one among the many NFL players who have a dispute with their teams and asked for a trade request to move out. While the Jaguars doesn’t want Ramsey to leave, the cornerback has forced them by allegedly faking sickness and missing practice sessions.

Ramsey is in the fourth year and still owes $17 million from whatever team signs him. Although Ramsey might be expensive, his presence in the defense can elevate the performance of any roster. It is why the lesser-known names such as Cowboys, Bears, Bills, and Seahawks are also in the race to land the Ramsey.

Dallas Cowboys

Jalen Ramsey NFL Trade Jaguars Cornerback Dallas Cowboys

Dallas Cowboys are currently 3-0 and have high hopes to win the Super Bowl trophy based on their strong offense. Let us be honest here, the Cowboys are yet to face a strong team which would test their defense line. Jerry Jones, the owner of Cowboys will never hesitate to pay whatever Jalen Ramsey or the Jaguars ask in return if the cornerback can help them win an NFL trophy.

Buffalo Bills

Jalen Ramsey NFL Trade Jaguars Cornerback Buffalo Bills

The Buffalo Bills are currently at 3-0 and it means they are on the same level as the New England Patriots. We are not saying that the Bills vs Patriots game will go differently, but adding Jalen Ramsey could surely change things. The Bills can pair Ramsey with Levi Wallace and Tre’Davious White for covering Brady and rest of the Patriots. Also, Buffalo Bills have $28 million available in cap space and nine 2020 draft picks, which is enough for convincing the Jaguars to give up Ramsey.

Seattle Seahawks

Jalen Ramsey NFL Trade Jaguars Cornerback Seattle Seahawks

The Seahawks have been missing a strong cornerback ever since Richard Sherman moved to the San Francisco 49ers. Jadeveon Clowney was signed by the Seattle club and they could make another high profile trade. Jalen Ramsey could add a lot to the already loaded Seahawks defense which includes Clowney, Quinton Jefferson, Bobby Wagner, K.J. Wright, Tre Flowers, and Shaquill Griffin. Also, they have around $15 million in cap space and one first-round pick to offer in an exchange trade deal.

Chicago Bears

Jalen Ramsey NFL Trade Jaguars Cornerback Chicago Bears

The Chicago Bears had the best defensive side in NFL last season and yet they were struggling against the Redskins on Monday night game. Jalen Ramsey would be a great addition to the Bears and make them come back for the rest of the NFL season. It won’t be easy to convince the Jaguars for a deal, neither they are his favorite spot, but the combination has huge chances to work efficiently.