NFL Jalen Ramsey Jacksonville Jaguars Kansas City Chiefs trade deal

Jalen Ramsey can boost the defense of any NFL team he joins and it is the reason why everyone is fighting for him. The Jaguars doesn’t want to trade the cornerback out but their options are limited. When Ramsey requested for a trade out to leave the Jacksonville team, the Jags accepted and started looking at trade deals for him.

There are a lot of NFL teams including the Eagles, Chiefs, Raiders, Patriots, etc who would sign Ramsey in a heartbeat. The Pro Bowler has the maximum chances to join the Chiefs as they are the team which guarantees him a Super Bowl ring. The Jaguars will be soon forced to trade Ramsey to the Chiefs as he has no intention to rejoin them and might go to any extent to leave their side.

Chiefs are the Only Side to Challenge the Patriots

NFL Jalen Ramsey Jaguars Kansas City Chiefs v New England Patriots

Kansas City Chiefs are just one defender away from becoming the best team in AFC division and head to the Super Bowl finals. In the last NFL season, the Patriots defeated the Chiefs and the Reds will make sure it doesn’t happen again. The Chiefs are looking strong for 2019 with Patrick Mahomes, Tyreek Hill and Travis Kelce in full form.

Jalen Ramsey could be the missing piece of their roster which makes the Chiefs stronger than the Patriots. Tom Brady is now 42 years old and New England also released Antonio Brown, which can prove crucial in the big games. Jalen Ramsey himself would like to play for Chiefs and dethrone the Patriots from the Super Bowl race.

Jalen Ramsey Injury Risk before Trade Deadline

Risk of Jalen Ramsey Injury

The Jaguars side is trying their best to convince Jalen Ramsey to change his decision, but the cornerback is in no mood for that. Ramsey was insulted by the Jaguars coach Doug Marrone in the Week 2 game and it almost ended in a fight. Jalen says he was insulted and words were spoken which can’t be taken back. It is why he asked his agent to request a trade out as he can’t play in the Jacksonville Jaguars team anymore.

Ramsey has also missed the Monday practice with the team saying he has flu and doesn’t feel good enough to be on the field. The Jags don’t have many options with the October NFL trade deadline approaching. If they risk delaying the trade deal of Ramsey, they might not get anything of value in return. The Chiefs are currently ready to offer a first and second-round pick, which is enough for the Jags to send out Ramsey.