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NFL Rumors: Jalen Ramsey Trade Deal with Chiefs Confirmed After Victory Against the Ravens

NFL Jalen Ramsey Trade Deal Chiefs Ravens

Jalen Ramsey was linked with the Kansas City Chiefs immediately after requesting a trade out from the Jaguars. A trade deal between the Chiefs and Ramsey was evident given how both the sides are at top of their game. The Chiefs are looking strong with Patrick Mahomes as their starting quarterback and have the best odds for Super Bowl title.

Jalen Ramsey is the best cornerback in NFL right now and he can stack any defensive sides he joins. The Chiefs are only lacking in defense and hence their offer to the Jaguars for Ramsey made a lot of sense. The Chiefs defeated the Baltimore Ravens and proved that they are the best in the league and a deal with Jalen Ramsey is now imminent.

Chiefs vs Ravens impact on Jalen Ramsey Deal

Chiefs vs Ravens impact on Jalen Ramsey Deal

Kansas City Chiefs vs Baltimore Ravens was a close game which only ended in a close call of 33-28. Lamar Jackson from the Ravens missed a touchdown or the Chiefs would have been landed in a lot of trouble. However, the Chiefs emerged victorious at the end and now it is clear that they are the best in the league.

The Ravens were doing a great job when they defeated the Dolphins by 59-10 and came out as the strongest team in the league. Kansas City is now the clear contender for the 2020 Super Bowl and Jalen Ramsey is now inclined to sign a deal with him.

Jalen Ramsey and Patrick Mahomes

Jalen Ramsey and Patrick Mahomes

Imagine a team with Patrick Mahomes as the starting quarterback and Jalen Ramsey as the leading cornerback. It is immediately a contender for the Super Bowl and gives them a clear edge over the other teams. The Chiefs have only one team to stop them in AFC championship game and it is none other than the New England Patriots lead by Tom Brady.

But with the exit of Antonio Brown, the Patriots have gotten a bit weak and it was evident in their game against the Jets. Patrick Mahomes and Jalen Ramsey would be enough to stop Brady and take the Chiefs to Super Bowl finals next year.

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