Jack Ryan Season 3 was renewed long ago even before the release of the second season by Amazon Studios but work on it has not started yet. The first half of January 2020 is over and yet there is no official confirmation that the show has entered production.

John Krasinski is still busy in other projects and has not suited up as Jack Ryan. But the biggest reason for delaying the third season is that Paul Scheuring has exited the show and has been replaced by Vaun Wilmott as the new showrunner. It simply means that Jack Ryan season 3 has been delayed to 2021 and here is more information on the new cast and plot for the third season as per some rumored leaks.

Jack Ryan Season 3 Release Date Delayed due to Showrunner Change

Jack Ryan Season 3 Release Date Early 2021 Premiere Possible

Jack Ryan on Amazon Prime has a huge budget and the TV series has almost movie-like production standards, which is why it takes a lot of time between two seasons. Both the prior installments of Jack Ryan took more than one year in filming and production, the same will happen with the third season. Also, the showrunner for Jack Ryan season 3 has been changed from Paul Scheuring to Vaun Wilmott, hinting that it will take some additional time in shooting and special effects.

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The Amazon prime original has yet not entered production and from the looks of it, there are a few more months to go. Jack Reacher series has been fast-tracked by Amazon studios and all the facts combine to the news that Jack Ryan season 3 will be delayed from late 2020 to early 2021 release date.

Jack Ryan Season 3 Cast, Plot: Jack will be Joined by New Partners

Jack Ryan Season 3 Cast, Plot Jack will be Joined by New Partners

Jack Ryan season 3 storyline will have more international missions and Jack being a part of the CIA will travel to different corners of the world. Jack will get a new assignment for stopping some international threats outside the United States and some rumors are saying that the next season will have multiple missions across several countries.

It means Jack Ryan will have more partners and since James Greer (Wendell Pierce) might not return to the field, new cast members will take the lead in the third season. Jack and some new character will handle the next mission in the upcoming installment of Jack Ryan likely to premiere in 2021.

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