As soon as the LA Lakers go straight, Anthony Davis will introduce, which will officially exclude him from the game for a minimum of a month. Brian Windhorst, an ESPN journalist, reported that the Lakers’ leader’s injury might be more severe than we initially knew.

Anthony Davis NBA trade deal injury LA Lakers
Anthony Davis on the basketball court

Can LA Lakers play without Anthony Davis?

In the next two weeks, the Lakers will have a relatively easy schedule, although they will play a large part on the road. Until the end of December, they will face Washington Wizards, Phoenix Suns, Sacramento Kings, Charlotte Hornets, Dallas Mavericks, Orlando Magic, Miami Heat, and Atlanta Hawks. Still, Davis’ absence will be a major weakness.

The Lakers don’t have a player to step into Davis’ shoes. It will be Wenyen Gabriel who should be going out in exchange trade deal for AD in the top five. Thomas Bryant and Damian Jones are likely to get bigger roles. Minutes as a center should also be played by LeBron James, which was the case last season when Davis was out of the game.

In his last five appearances, Davis averaged 40.2 points and 13.2 rebounds. Podkoszowy this season averages 27.4 points, 12.1 rebounds, and 2.6 assists, hitting 59.3 percent. field goals.

When Anthony Davis will be back and when the trade deal might happen in the NBA?

Anthony Davis NBA trade deal injury LA Lakers
Anthony Davis looking disappointed

In the latest episode of the Hoop Collective podcast, ESPN’s Brian Windhorst shared some negative news about Davis’ health.

The Lakers have yet to issue an official statement regarding the injury. Coach Darvin Ham spoke about her on Sunday. In my opinion, this is an injury where the Lakers are considering different options, but you can risk that it will not be a game or two. It will be longer

– the journalist began.

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Windhorst then added that

“it’s not a sprained ankle or a sprained foot. It’s definitely something more serious.”

His words do not clearly indicate what could have happened to Davis, but they put the matter in a worse light than initially. Davis missed nearly six weeks last season due to foot problems, and now a similar layoff would keep him virtually out of the All-Star Weekend break. Windhorst suggests it may be a more serious injury than a sprain.

That’s why we cannot tell when the trade deal might happen because we don’t know when Anthony Davis, the LA Lakers star, will be fit.

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