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Is Fortnite Down? Servers Switched Off For v8.30 Patch

is Fortnite down update

Fortnite is down: the nightmare of every gamer has come true as the popular battle royale game has switched off its servers in preparation for an update. Servers of the game have been temporarily shut down to prepare for Fortnite v8.30 update. While there are some users still asking each other as to why is Fortnite down, the company had announced it well in time.

is Fortnite down server update
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Epic games had stated yesterday that Fortnite will be down for some time around 10:00 AM GMT.  Here’s a closer look at why is Fortnite down:

Why is Fortnite Down? What’s New in Fortnite v8.30?

Fortnite is down because Epic Games wants to ensure that the update goes rather smoothly and that the users face no glitches or problems. This Fortnite down time means that the gamers will not be able to log into their games for some time. This Fortnite down time will affect gamers on all platforms.

is Fortnite down fortnite v8.30 epic games
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Fortnite v8.30 is going to be a heavy update, going as much as 7.7GB for those playing it on MacOS. It will introduce new reboot vans, new explosives, a new bounty event, reduced storm time, a cap on rocket ammunition at 120, along with a number of other new introductions and changes.

How Long is Fortnite Down? When Will The Game be Up Again?

is Fortnite down v8.30 update
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You don’t need to panic much about Fortnite down time as this is not a fault or a flaw but because of a planned update. Epic games has not specified when Fortnite will be up again. However, we expect a Fortnite down time of about one to two hours before the game will be back up and running again!

Written by Kashish Verma

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