iPhone 11 can work underwater surface

Nowadays, smartphones contain almost every possible feature that you could think of. However, the technology is unable to protect devices if they fall into liquid. But rumors have it that Apple’s iPhone 11 display will be functional underwater as well.

New technology for iPhone 11 display?

XDA Developers’ Max Weinbach shared about this new technology on the YouTube channel EverythingApplePro. It is not confirmed yet if the underwater display technology will be featured in the iPhone 11. It may be in development for launch later.

As marvelous as it sounds, it will be equally difficult to develop this technology. It must allow the iPhone 11’s display to differentiate between the users’ touch and the surrounding water. Even though the display technology has shown a lot of development in the past years, it is not as sensitive as required. Some devices don’t work properly if the user is wearing gloves.

iPhone 11 display
Credits: Tech Radar

Apple’s underwater functional display feature will certainly be a major selling point. Scuba divers would benefit the most from it and others would also get to enjoy the smart technology.

Other rumors about iPhone 11

Apart from the underwater display for the iPhone 11, Apple is also working to update Taptic Engine. It will add features like vibrating specific part of the display instead of simply adding vibrations to the device.


Weinbach’s YouTube page also has rumors about other accessories and devices of Apple. There could be more leaks about iPhone 11 as the rumors have started to pick up. The next-gen iPhone may even feature triple lenses camera, frosted glass casing, and huge 4,000 mAh battery.