Notchless iPhone XI

Apple may have created the notch out of necessity but it did become the design trend for 2018 which is going to change in iPhone 11.

According to Twitter handle, @UniverseIce know for reliable Apple leaks hinted that Apple could ditch the notch in 2020.

What is the Hole-in display?

Hole-in display tech allows companies to stretch screen-body ratio to its limit and that is what Apple is aiming for in iPhone 11.

Why Apple is going for hole-in display design in iPhone 11?

We all know that light bleeding issue around the notch of iPhone XR due to the LCD panel. Since it is obvious that implementation of the hole in the camera unit is much easier on OLED display

This could be the main reason Apple is making the switch to OLED displays from 2020 for the iPhone 11.

Teams from Cupertino are already scouting for possible suppliers with Samsung being first in the list followed by LG and BOE from China. One casualty of all this innovation and change is going to be JDI, which supplies the LCD panels for Apple.

JDI is already looking for new investor and buyers to control the storm after Apple stop ordering for display.

It would be interesting to see how is Apple going to accommodate both FaceID and camera unit in such a small hole. FaceID requires a huge array of sensor and cameras which Apple would need to condense.

iPhone XI

Considering the level of difficulty they could miss the target of 2020, but it is rumored that camera suppliers have already reduced the size of the sensors. Patent leaks suggest that Apple may use a matrix under the display and that would help the sensor to emit IR blasts between the pixel.

If it is true we could also see an under a display fingerprint which would essentially turn the iPhone 11 into a biometric machine.

Final thoughts on iPhone 11

For better or worse if Apple gets rid of all the obstruction in iPhone 11’s display we could see a new trend in now boring iPhone design.