Apple iOS 12.4 iOS 11 iOS 13 update release date

Apple finally announced its much-awaited iOS 13 update with the coolest features at the WWDC 2019. While it is out for beta developers, it would still take around 100 days for it to reach to general users. Currently, Apple is pushing out iOS 12.4 as the latest update in the iOS 12 series.

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There are many iPhone users who haven’t still updated to iOS 12 or downgraded back to iOS 11. Most of them are confused whether the iOS 12.4 update is worth it or they should wait for iOS 13? We have compared all the Apple iOS and their features and bugs to answer your questions.

What’s new in iOS 12.4?

iOS 12.4 update

Most of the Apple iPhones are already running on iOS 12.4, it is one of the major updates in iOS 12 series, before a totally new version of iOS 13. You can easily upgrade to iOS 12.4 by checking for updates, even if you are on iOS 11, you can skip previous iOS 12 updates and can directly go for iOS 12.4. Apple has introduced a lot of cool new features in iOS 12.4, so those mobile users who can’t get iOS 13 feel justice. Here are the top features in the latest Apple iOS 12.4 update:
  • Fixed most of the bugs and connectivity issues.
  • Support for Apple TV App and Airplay 2 smart TV support.
  • Four new Animojis for Face time and Messenger app.
  • Group Face time support and a lot of new emojis.
  • Dual sim support with the second sim as a virtual e-sim.
  • Major app updates, with new measure app and more Carplay apps support.

iOS 11 vs iOS 12.4 vs iOS 13

iOS 11 vs iOS 12.4 update

The important question after seeing the latest features introduced in iOS 12.4 is whether it is sufficient or we need another update. Apple iOS 13 is way superior to iOS 12.4, but it will still be a long time before it is available. There are also some reports that iOS 12.4 has a lot of bugs which needed to be fixed.

Our advice to readers is that if you are on any version of iOS 11, then wait for a stable release. For those who already upgraded to iOS 12, you should have the latest iOS 12.4 to fix the bugs in any previous updates. Even when iOS 13 is finally out, you should wait for some time as early updates have major bugs and issues.