Apple iOS 13 new features

Apple has finally unveiled its highly anticipated iOS 13 update along with  tvOS13 and watchOS 6. The announcement was made during the ongoing WWDC. The iOS 13, when compared to iOS 12, brings in a lot of new exciting features.

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Everything New in iOS 13

Dark Mode

This thing has eventually made its way to iOS. This new feature gives apps and menus a  beautiful dark color scheme which is very pleasing to eyes and ideal for low-light conditions.

Dark Mode can be turned on and off automatically at any given time. It can also be turned on/off based on sunrise and sunset.

iOS 13 Dark Mode

If you want to manually control the feature, you can do the same by visiting Control Center.

Dark Mode has blended completely in the operating system, from built-in apps to various settings.

All‑New Reminders App

Apple iOS 13 reminders app

The old reminders app has been rebuilt from the ground and now comes with a whole host of features in iOS 13 update. The new app comes with smart lists and compelling Siri integration.

New Keyboard

iOS 13 keyboard new feature

The primary iOS keyboard has also undergone some significant number of changes and now supports the swipe to type feature, which is very similar to Android keyboard apps like Gboard and Swiftkey. You also get new sharing suggestions feature.

Privacy and Security

iOS 13 Beta Update

Apple puts a lot of effort into user Privacy, and the same thing has been done concerning iOS 13. Now you can let an app grant your location permission only once. You also get the option to “sign-in via Apple ID” while signing in on certain platforms.

The Photos and Camera app have also received a slew of new content in terms of functionality and features. Now you can edit videos just like you would edit photos; Nearly everything can be changed.

Other Stuff

  • The iOS Keyboard now supports 22 Indian languages with the Text-to-Speech feature getting a voice with an Indian accent.
  • With the introduction on iOS 13, Apple claims that their newest OS will reduce app sizes by up to 50% and app update sizes to be shortened by 60%.
  • A brand new Maps and Health app.
  • With iOS 13, the iPhone and other iDevices will receive significant performance improvements, faster face unlock, reduced app loading times, and much more.
  • Users can now operate their entire phone via voice commands.

iOS 13 New Maps App

The newest iOS version will be available for iPhone 6s and later. Apple iOS 13 beta is already open for developers, and the public beta will make its way in July.