Apple iPadOS 13 update

Apple surprised everyone at the WWDC 2019 event by announcing the iPadOS as an operating system for the iPads. While everyone thought that the iOS 13 would be the same for iPhone and iPad, Apple proved them wrong.

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The new custom OS for iPad is the first exclusive OS for the big screen iPads and is being called as iPadOS 13. It looks like Apple finally listened to the complaints of iPad users who wanted different updates for their devices. Here is everything you need to know about the new Apple iPadOS 13 update.

What is different from iOS?

Apple iPadOS 13 update difference iOS

Apple iPadOS is one of the first custom software Apple has designed for iPad devices to keep them separate from iPhones. Generally, Apple has a custom OS for its smartwatches, Apple TVs, and MacBooks. But the same iOS was being crammed up for the iPad, which are basically the tablets of the Apple.

While the iPadOS 13 has features similar to the new iOS 13 but is specially tailored for big screen devices. iOS 13 is a much more complicated OS, while iPadOS 13 focuses majorly on watching movies, video calling and playing games.

New big screen Features

Apple iPadOS 13 update new features

The major reason Apple came out with the iPadOS 13 updates is that the specific use of the iPad is totally different from a normal iPhone. To change your iPad into a laptop, has now become much easier due to the new custom iPadOS. There has been a new option to pin widgets to the home screen and swipe through multiple apps.

Apple iPadOS 13 has finally bought the most awaited feature of multiple windows of the same app feature. The Safari browser in iPadOS has a default desktop view, and an SMB file support. iPadOS 13 has also bought up support for USB devices, along with zipping and unzipping file features.

Release Date

Apple iPadOS 13 update release date

Apple has released the beta iPadOS 13 for the developers at the WWDC 2019 event. It is a technical move from the Cupertino based tech company, where it will receive the feedback and fix any of the iPadOS 13 issues before it is out for the common users. There will be some time before the iPadOS is out, and as per the speculation, it will be out in September. Apple will most likely release the iPadOS 13 along with iOS 13 and iPhone 11 at the annual September event.

Beta Version Problems

Apple iPadOS 13 update beta problems

One of the biggest issues with a new software update in the beta phase is the bugs and errors. The Apple iPadOS 13 is still at an early developer stage. It is reported to have some bugs which will be fixed in the upcoming days.

The beta developers testers have reported about bugs which are causing installation problems, battery drain, and third-party connectivity issues. Our advice to the Apple beta users is to wait for some time until a stable iPadOS 13 update is released.