We can find new information with the tips of our fingers. You can get what you’ve been looking for with a few quick searches and clicks on different links. Although not everything we learn on the internet makes us smarter, it can still make us want to know more.

There is a page on Facebook called “Unbelievable Facts” which is described as a source for the best bizarre, strange, and extraordinary stories on the internet. It has more than 8 million people who enjoy learning and sharing. Baking powder was born out of love and aluminum is one of the most recyclable materials ever created.


1. Good girl.


“What started out as a fun hobby turned into a full-time career” for the creators of Unbelievable Facts. They created this page so that people would be able to find answers to their curiosities and quench their thirst for knowledge.

The project was started in 2012 by Gourav Gola, an engineering graduate, who wanted to “share his interests with the world.” The project has grown every day. Their goal is to bring the most remarkable stories to their fans and followers.

“Committed to finding and sharing the most fascinating facts, we create content around a plethora of topics—from science and entertainment to human history and society,” the creators mentioned. The page stands out from other pages in terms of quality: “We always strive to provide you with the most authentic stories and facts. Our search for the truth requires us to spend hours on a single piece.”


2. Respect.


Humans are naturally curious, asking questions, finding interesting things, and encouraging others to do the same. Our information-seeking behavior is similar to money or food in that it is driven by dopamine in the brain. The brain becomes obsessed with information and wants us to constantly seek it.

Co-author of the study and associate professor Ming Hsu, Ph.D. told Neuroscience News “To the brain, information is its own reward, above and beyond whether it’s useful.”


3. The experiences people go through are just amazing at times.


4. The Dutch are surely ahead of time.


The paper explores what it looks like inside the brain. The researchers scanned people’s brains while they were presented with a lottery with two financial outcomes, a gain, and a loss. In order to find out the odds of winning, participants had to purchase information.

The results showed that most of the participants made rational decisions. People wanted to know more about it because they expected it to have benefits. Hsu stated, “Anticipation serves to amplify how good or bad something seems, and the anticipation of a more pleasurable reward makes the information appear even more valuable.”


5. He is now a legendary character, whose death was sad and pointless.


6. Imagine being so full of yourself that you think your name should be trademarked.


Sometimes we want to know things just for the sake of knowing. We are learning new things because they can make us successful. There are many advantages to it. A career boost, new opportunities or at least transforming dull conversations into exciting ones.


7. Better than putting up poles to prevent people from sleeping in doorways.


8. How did they know he died?


9. Way to go Bessie!


According to Harvard Business Review, people who don’t give up too early and commit to learning report huge career benefits. There are four habits you need to improve if you want to be one of those people.


10. The bond between this girl and the crows is just amazing!


11. Agriculture that we all need.


12. This is the maverick cowboy attitude!


The first thing to do is focus on emerging skills. The world is continually improving, and so should you. Don’t be afraid to reach out to experts in your field if you want to know what the most important and relevant skills are right now. If you’re looking for an online course, try the one that’s happening in life, this way you could interact and collaborate with others. Try to convince a friend to join you on a live course.


13. If only the net was still there.


14. That makes a lot of sense. We dwell a lot on the closed door.


15. Once again proving dogs will always be better than people.


Learning immediately will help you remember the information. You don’t want to get stuck in theory land, so find whatever opportunity you can to use your new skills. Finally, set a goal. This one is very important. It will encourage you to keep going if you set your eyes on the prize.


16. Never forget!


17. Gotta love that movie.


18. So, if she hadn’t had the second child, she would still be languishing in jail!


The Internet is obsessed with facts. If you’re interested in something, you can find it on the page. Living a life full of thirst for knowledge keeps you young and excited about the future, and if it seems like you are putting too much random information into your brain, just remember that.


19. So, $15 an hour?


20. Handsome bloke.


21. Just another reason to love these beautiful creatures!


22. Keep the love rising.


23. What an incredible talent. Freddie, you are missed.


24. He had the manuscript because he wrote it.


25. That’s a brilliant innovation.


26. Knowledge is power.


27. She is badass!


28. Stephen King with Simon Pegg on the shirt. Nuff internet for today.


29. It jump-started his ambition.


30. Further proof of brilliance.