WWE SmackDown Watch Online 24 September

WWE SmackDown is all set to air its last episode on the USA Network as it is going to move to Fox from the next week. This will also be SmackDown’s last Tuesday-night show as the blue brand will now be aired on Fridays. After tonight’s SmackDown (24th September 2019), the next time you see it on TV would be Friday, the 4th of October.

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Let us take a closer look at how you can watch WWE SmackDown online and live stream it for free.

How to Watch WWE SmackDown Online and Live Stream it For Free?

Most people who watch WWE SmackDown online prefer to watch it on the WWE Network. This is because first off, this is the official and legal way of doing it – moreover, it is quite simple too. You need a subscription to the WWE Network, which is free for the entire of the first month – and then costs $9.99 per month!

Watch WWE SmackDown Live 24 September 2019
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You can choose to cancel your subscription after one month, making it free of cost! However, those who stay would get access to all WWE Raw, SmackDown and even WWE NXT episodes, as well as WWE PPVs. Moreover, the network library also has a lot of great events and matches from the past.


What to Expect from SmackDown (24 September 2019)

WWE SmackDown 24 September Live Stream
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This week’s WWE SmackDown will focus on building towards the upcoming WWE SmackDown episode where the show will be moving to Fox Network. Tonight’s episode will be about the upcoming Hell in a Cell PPV. It would also focus on building the Brock Lesnar vs Kofi Kingston feud which is all set to culminate at the first episode of SmackDown on Fox next week.