One of the biggest car-makers of the world, Honda is known for coming out with automobile-technologies that provide a good as well as safe driving experience.

However, the airbags that were a part of the 2001 to 2016 Honda and Acura vehicles may not be as safe as you’d expect them to be! The company has recalled 1.2 Million vehicles over exploding airbags.

Honda Cars Exploding Airbags 1.2 Million Cars Recalled
Image: IBT

Let us take a closer look at these exploding airbags and understand why they are a risk.

More Details on Honda’s Exploding Airbags

The airbags in Honda’s cars are exploding because of the Takata inflators. These inflators make use of ammonium nitrate to inflate the bags. However, ammonium nitrate breaks down in high and humid temperatures. This causes the metal canisters to explode and they shoot shrapnel into the car, injuring the passengers.

Honda Cars Exploding Airbags Recall
Image Washington Post

These airbags have been a problem for Honda for quite a long time. Over 70 Million vehicles have been recalled because of this issue so far. These 1.2 Million vehicles are the latest in that set. Over the years, 23 people have been killed by these exploding airbags.

Which Honda Cars are at a Risk?

Honda Cars Exploding Airbags Takata
Image: AIEG

The following Honda cars are at risk when it comes to exploding airbags: 2001 to 2007 Honda Accord, 2002 to 2006 CR-V, 2001 to 2005 Civic, 2003 to 2010 Element, 2002 to 2004 Odyssey, 2003 to 2008 Pilot, and 2006 Ridgeline.

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With this recall, Honda will be adding new replacement parts to the airbag inflators. This will ensure that they no longer explode and are not a threat to the passengers or the driver.