GTA (Grand Theft Auto) has become a household name due to the immense popularity of the game franchise and GTA 6 is next in line. Rockstar Games released the first game in 1997 and 15 different versions are out since then.

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GTA V was released six years ago and fans have been long waiting for the next one in series. Recent hiring reports from Rockstar have suggested that the game company is gearing up for its release. GTA VI project is rumoured to be in the development stage.

GTA 6: What do we know so far?

GTA 6 New release date

Rockstar Games have stayed mum on any talks about GTA 6 release. But recently had a major employee hiring drive. The company is looking for technical developers, face structure developers, and senior rank workers.

Although this could also mean that Rockstar is working on a totally new IP game, reports say otherwise. One of the skills required was expertise in creating “next-generation worlds for some exciting upcoming projects”. Since GTA 6 will have a larger map, it could be accurate.

The rumoured locations where the sixth instalment will be set could be London, Vice City, and the entire United States. Also, reports of having a female lead protagonist are also circulating online. The ability to have multiple character control is still not decided.

GTA VI on Sony PlayStation 5

GTA VI on PlayStation 5

There have been several reports that GTA 6 could be exclusive to the next model of Sony PlayStation. Developers are asked to build a game that would be compatible with next-generation consoles.

While some other rumours are hinting that Sony could buy Take-Two Interactive which is the parent company of GTA V and Red Dead Redemption 2. The possibility of such takeover is very low given Sony already owns major Game Franchises like Game of War.

When will GTA 6 release?

GTA 6 release date

Rockstar Games are also taking their time to release GTA 6 due to the current shift in politics. The developers and writer have to take care that the next game should not be labelled as sexist or it offends any gender or race.

Amidst all rumours, GTA 6 is speculated to be released somewhere in 2021 or 2022 with the launch of Sony’s PlayStation 5. When the new wave of Gaming Consoles will start, it could be the headliner for PS5 and the next Xbox. Stay tuned to Hiptoro for more GTA Updates and other news.