Grey’s Anatomy climbs to No. 1 in Top Scripted

The Hollywood Reporter’s second week saw the rise of Grey’s Anatomy to the top spot in its Social Climbers Chart of Top scripted shows.

While Trevor Noah’s The Daily Show retains its number one position in Top New and Talk Show list.

How is it calibrated?

Grey’s Anatomy climbs to No. 1 in Top ScriptedTHR’s Social Climbers charts rank TV shows and celebrities in various categories, based on engagement on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google Plus, and Youtube.

The charts are calibrated on the basis of data sourced by a social media analytics company, called MVPindex.

The weekly increase in followers and subscribers, paired with social media engagement affects ranking on the charts. The last week for ranking ended on April 2nd.

Top runners in each category along with Grey’s Anatomy

The Top Actors list saw Dwayne Johnson at the mastheadThe TV shows category is divided into Top Scripted and Unscripted sections. ABC hit drama, Grey’s Anatomy rose to the top in the former category. This happened after seeing a boost of 74 per cent in Instagram engagement. The show was previously at No. 3 position, and it replaced Riverdale to gain the throne.

American Idol reigned the prime spot in the Unscripted category. The Daily Show remained at the top in the Talk Show variety, despite a 34 per cent fall in social media engagement.

The Top Actors list saw Dwayne Johnson at the masthead, with the most engaging post by an actor in the previous week.

Additionally, Drew Barrymore, Alyssa Milano, and Jim Carrey also saw the rise to top 10 in this list.