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When will new episodes of Riverdale release? Why is there a delay?

Riverdale disappeared randomly after leaving the fans waiting for the juicy stuff. The teen drama is on its customary hiatus after the latest episode of the week. But the show will be back soon after a few weeks to dig deeper into the story.

Veronica and Betty has a lot on their plate and are solving the mystery of the Gargoyle King and the Farm. But the big question is when will it be back? According to sources, the fans will have to wait for three more weeks before they get to see a fresh episode of Riverdale.

When will the next episode of Riverdale premiere?

The promo trailer for Riverdale Episode 18 of Season 3 revealed that the next trailer will be truly twisted and will premiere on 17 April. This is happening for the first time in the history of Riverdale. The show has not taken a hiatus before in between the episodes.

The promo trailer for Riverdale Episode 18 of season 3 revealed that the next trailer will be truly twisted and will premiere on 17 April.
Credits: Den of Geek

The show took a similar hiatus between episodes twelve and thirteen as well. This was shortly after the winter hiatus. The events which are not under the show’s control maybe responsible for it.

The show has to take a break after the death of Luke Perry. There was news about Season 3 wrap party recently. This indicates that the remaining episodes are already ready. Here are some spoilers from the next episode titled “Jawbreaker”.

What to expect in the next episode?

The fans must expect a lot of drama and long-awaited answers as well. The promo suggests that Toni and Betty will together save Cheryl and Alice from the Farm. Jughead and his dad will investigate Baby Teeth’s ritualistic death and arrest Kurtz.

At this point, Betty and Jughead are at the center of the story. They are the ones who are the most devoted towards solving the Gargoyle King and the Farm mystery.


Written by Mitansha Chopra

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