Jamie Lannister will be an important part of Game of Thrones season 8. Fans have been waiting eagerly to know about the Kingslayer’s fate. Plenty of spoilers and theories have emerged about Jamie’s future on the show.

Will he end up killing his sister love Cersei Lannister? Will he be the only surviving Lannister on the show? Here’s all you need to know about him!

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Initially, Jamie was seen as a villain on Game of Thrones, especially when he tried to kill Bran by pushing him down the Broken Tower’s window. However, things changed eventually as we got to know more about him.

Jamie Lannister Cersei Lannister Game of Thrones season 8 spoilers
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Jamie’s friendship with Brienne of Tarth revealed the good side of him. Firstly, he got his hand chopped off to save her from getting raped. Then, he also saved her from the bear pit, where she was left to be torn to pieces by the enraged beast. As Game of Thrones continued, Cersei’s relation with Jamie grew fractious as she was disgusted to see her with one hand.

What will Jamie Lannister face in Game of Thrones season 8?

We saw Jamie moving to the North in the finale episode of GoT season 8. He finally chose to side with Jon Snow. He will also meet his brother Tyrion Lannister who is the Hand of the Queen to Daenerys. The most anticipated scene will be the reunion of Jamie and Bran. The two haven’t met since the time Jamie tried to kill him.

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Game of Thrones GoT spoilers Jamie Cersie

Will Jamie end up killing Cersei in GoT season 8?

Some Game of Thrones spoilers and theories suggest that Jamie could be Azor Ahai’s reborn, the legendary warrior who brought the Long Night to an end. He plunged a sword into his wife Nissa Nissa’s heart to do that. However, this may be a little difficult considering the distance between Cersei and Jamie.